“Bryan Lee has incredible vision and experience. His recommendations are wise. His crew is very good and can do any project you can imagine. The shaping, terracing and vision of the rock landscape is nothing less than spectacular. We did a gradual, nine-month project and shaped a hilltop to look like a resort. They can move trees with minimal invasiveness. I highly recommend Lee Landscape and Design.”

- Donald Jackson

Landscape and Design, inc.

Tropical A Paradise in Your Backyard

To create that tropical illusion in your backyard, you will need the professional expertise of Lee Landscape and Design. Tropical landscapes are popular, but it takes knowledge of plants in order to maintain this landscape in the South Texas heat.

Bryan has first-hand knowledge of this type of landscape because he was involved in a conceptual Master Plan of a community college in the British Virgin Islands. It was on the island of Tortola and its surrounding islands that he was able to study various coastal landscapes. He finds it very rewarding when implementing the tranquility of renowned destinations.

This type of landscape relies on a look that includes a variety of palm trees, such as Sabal Palms, Mediterranean Fan Palms and Sago Palms. Exotic shrubs and plants must also be able to withstand Texas' sporadic freezes. Unique water features with aquatic wildlife can be added to create a Hawaiian-like paradise. Stunning rocks and natural materials are also important details when integrated with a tropical setting. These features help provide the needed character to establish the style of this type of landscape.

Let LLD create your own backyard oasis!

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