“Bryan Lee has incredible vision and experience. His recommendations are wise. His crew is very good and can do any project you can imagine. The shaping, terracing and vision of the rock landscape is nothing less than spectacular. We did a gradual, nine-month project and shaped a hilltop to look like a resort. They can move trees with minimal invasiveness. I highly recommend Lee Landscape and Design.”

- Donald Jackson

Landscape and Design, inc.

Traditional – Going for the Classic Look

Traditional landscaping can be used to compliment southern and colonial-style homes. This design sometimes encompasses large trees, producing abundant shade, water features, stunning floral arrangements and an array of spectacular colors like an artists’ palette. The vibrant colors of annuals and roses are perfect for this classical landscape. Herbs planted in astonishing pottery also provide for enticing scents and a distinctive look.

This classic type of landscape uses linear lines to develop an organized look. Lee Landscape and Design can create rows of trees and well-trimmed hedges or facades covered with the appropriate variety of vine and ivy. As with any landscape, the architecture of the house should be considered when using a traditional landscape design.

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