“Bryan Lee has incredible vision and experience. His recommendations are wise. His crew is very good and can do any project you can imagine. The shaping, terracing and vision of the rock landscape is nothing less than spectacular. We did a gradual, nine-month project and shaped a hilltop to look like a resort. They can move trees with minimal invasiveness. I highly recommend Lee Landscape and Design.”

- Donald Jackson

Landscape and Design, inc.

Ranches – Creating Rural Beauty

When designing a landscape for a ranch, Lee Landscape and Design understands that Texas has a unique history and heritage with its ranches. LLD incorporates the values and history in a ranch landscape, but also uses a blend of modernism. Bryan has spent time on ranches throughout Texas, Mexico and Central America. At Lee Landscape and Design, we find it essential to meet our client’s needs and more importantly realize the significance of private property.

LLD can design a master plan that details the whole property from where the shooting range should go, the ideal spot for animal round pens or the best location for personalized golf course holes - whatever your outdoor requirements may be.

Entryways leading up to the main house can be designed with native trees and plants to provide a grand, bold entrance, while requiring minimal maintenance. Walkways consisting of gravel, crushed granite and reused brick or stone can lead around the property and link to all the different aspects within a ranch while maintaining that imperative beauty.

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