“Bryan Lee has incredible vision and experience. His recommendations are wise. His crew is very good and can do any project you can imagine. The shaping, terracing and vision of the rock landscape is nothing less than spectacular. We did a gradual, nine-month project and shaped a hilltop to look like a resort. They can move trees with minimal invasiveness. I highly recommend Lee Landscape and Design.”

- Donald Jackson

Landscape and Design, inc.

Native Withstanding the Texas Heat

If you are looking for a native, low-water use landscape at your home or business, Lee Landscape and Design can create a landscape that uses less water and can withstand the harsh South Texas heat. LLD stays up-to-date on native species that have been proven to grow well during drought seasons and need minimal water, saving you money on your water bill.

Native landscapes can include the more popular shrubs, such as lantanas, salvia and perennial grasses, as well as more exotic greenery like cactus and a spectrum of yuccas. We can also follow a planting scheme to give your native landscape maximum curb appeal.

“Xeroscapes” consist of minimal or no lawn spaces, which is vital in water conservation. LLD has innovative ideas we can share with you regarding water preservation.

Please contact us to arrange a time to present you with various solutions.

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